Blind Faith

Blind Faith in Self Reflection

Blind Faith or narrow minded Reason
Blind Faith or narrow-minded Reason

Have faith or so the saying goes. Isn’t this just Blind Faith? What is faith? Wikipedia defines faith as:

Faith is confidence or trust in a person or thing, or a deity or in the doctrines or teachings of a religion. It may also be belief that is not based on proof. In religion, faith often involves accepting claims about the character of a deity, nature, or the universe. While some have argued that faith is opposed to reason, proponents of faith argue that the proper domain of faith concerns questions which cannot be settled by evidence. For example, faith can be applied to predictions of the future, which (by definition) has not yet occurred.
The word faith is often used as a substitute for hope, trust or belief.

There’s no proof so have Blind Faith. Faith is believing in what is true. Faith has two elements: 1) being convinced of the truth, being certain of reality, having evidence of unseen things, and 2) believing, hoping in, embracing, seizing the truth of something unseen.

Yep, just another definition. Another description of something that’s indescribable. As such does Blind Faith really exist? The concept of faith is a broad one, in its most general description “faith” means much the same as “trust”. “Trust” me, we’ll get there. “Trust” me, I’ll take care of you, “Trust” me, you’ll get you money back. Or even “trust” in me, and you will be saved.

However, with the notion of religious faith or, rather, the kind of faith exemplified in religious faith. The philosophical accounts are almost exclusively about theistic religious faith. Blind faith in God, and they generally, although not exclusively, deal with faith as understood within the Christian branch of the Abrahamic traditions. Blind faith in something we have never experienced. Expect in church. Not one of us live today ever walked with Christ the man. Well maybe one, if you have Blind faith. But, although the theistic religious context settles what kind of faith is of interest, the question arises whether faith of that same general kind also belongs to other, non-theistic, religious contexts, or to contexts not usually thought of as religious at all. It may perhaps be apt to speak of the faith of, (for example), a humanist, or even an atheist, using the same general sense of ‘faith’ as applies to the theist case.

There is, of course, no ‘established’ terminology for different models of faith. So Blind faith is what we get. I always felt that faith is a crutch. It’s something to lean on when we can’t stand on our own two feet. So having faith seemed like a waste of energy. Self awareness doesn’t need faith, it requires knowing. A knowing of the self in an indescribable fashion. It requires one to experience self in as many ways possible. One can change a belief, change a hope, embrace something different, and seize a truth. But the fact remains it is the self that does all these things.

Blind Faith in GOD
Blind Faith in GOD

In a world of energy, where everything in this universe is energy. Faith takes energy. Being in the realm of energy, the human body is an energy body. That rest in a sea of energy emanating from the source of all energy. One may call this source of energy GOD and that’s fine. GOD then becomes a simple matter of ones inventory. A description of the indescribable, trapping one into its realm. I am not arguing the existence of GOD. GOD to me is simply a matter of perception, of the energy source of all things. To give it a personification through requires a description of blind faith. For unless one can see the source of all things with their own awareness, one has no other choice but to have faith that it exist. If giving it a name is what one requires at this time, so be it. Just don’t forget to remember that the name is just a description, to make it easy for one to describe what in reality they can not describe. It’s this blind faith in this something without having seen it for them self that we are discussing. Which brings us back to the self.

The big Enchilada, Blind Faith in Self-Reflection

Blind Faith in Self Reflection
Blind Faith in Self Reflection

Self-Reflection is the key to Blind Faith. For when one doesn’t know them self, then for one to make sense of life. One must have Blind Faith in something else or nothing at all. To get rid of self-reflection, meaning the less one self-reflects, the more one will perceive the world at large and what’s really in this world realm. To be or not to be that is the question?

Blind Faith in self-reflection has two sides. One part contains all that is good. This part makes us stretch into inconceivable worlds of the unknown and tackle the challenges this presents. For this Doowan there is no other force that drives one life to the knowing of ones self. Inner Silence is the way to turn off the internal dialog that keeps us trapped in our reasons description of this world.

While Blind Faith in Self-Reflection has two sides, this in essence is a cohesion, a state of energy. It invariably reflects having a specific energy field. Which can either be ordinary or non-ordinary. The other side to self-refection is the side that consists of all that is putrid. It turns people into petty tyrants, and ego maniacs that keeps perception imprisoned in a world description which one rarely escapes in their lifetime. Thank GOD for Death.

Blind Faith in the Emotional side of Self Reflection

Let’s isolate the two sides for better clarity. The emotional side is where one measures them self about whether one is good or bad, worthy or unworthy, proficient or not.  Self Enhancement, is bolstering or diminishing one’s own sense of self. When seen, people spend huge amounts of energy in defending themselves against the onslaughts of everything that seems to be outside their sense of personal self. This energy (Personal Power) could be better spent or even saved in the pursuit of other life endeavors. Truth is we aren’t the way we think we are.

Have Blind Faith in this statement and see your reaction. Getting angry or irritated when someone sets forth an idea, not inline with ones personal thinking (Internal Dialog) because someone thinks, or behaves contrary to what one believes or feels is appropriate. Being politically correct is a big one now days. It’s a mold we must all fit into or be admonished. Self righteousness or indignation pumping up ones volume of emotional outburst to prove ones point erupts when ones cohesion doesn’t match their surroundings. Have faith in your fellow-man that their point of view is right. Leaves self out of the experience.

Blind Faith in the Mental side of Self Reflection

The other side is all mental. Reason plays a big part in this, thus it defines and interprets ones self, others, and the world in general. Blind Faith in the self-reflection of reason allows only a reasonable point of view. Reason organizes thoughts about our environment, our desires, hopes, dreams, goals, and our world view. It only receives information from the process of talking to ourselves and others. In spite of the power of reason it only caters to perceptions on the surface of ones existence. The more one talks to them self and creates a worldview, the further one is removed from the total experience. Interestingly as one verbalizes, the symbols represent the experience, thus removing one even further from the actual experience it’s self. So reasoning out an experience leaves us twice removed from the experience. This creates an experience in our mind purely of thought separating us even further from the source of creation, which lays beyond description. Thus reason eclipses our other faculties and our perception becomes a narrow band of reason. Since reason only receives information how can it have an original thought of its own?

Blind Faith Never having experienced knowing
Blind Faith Never having experienced knowing

Blind Faith, the bottom line of Self Reflection

The bottom line is that our interpretation, definition, or description of anything, is a reflection from the self to the self within our energy body. This has its highs and lows. Simply by defining something, we bring it into view. The low side is that we don’t let go of our definitions or descriptions of what was just brought into view. How can one remain open to new experiences of awareness with old definitions?

To lose Blind Faith in Self Reflection Don’t criticize others, don’t define yourself, when Blind Faith in Self Reflections surface, track it, find the source. See what it has to reveal. Stop your internal dialog. Gaze frequently. Don’t let the behavior of others offend you. We are no different from any other animals in nature we are a part of. Develop an attitude that we are all a part of nature and nature has energy. Gardening is our passion. Provide service to others, these activities take one away from the Blind Faith of Self Reflection, providing useful experiences and insights about ourselves and others.

Blind Faith or plain faith is a just a description of something unseen. Experience the unseen and drop the distraction. Create a detailed description of ones world, laugh at it, and through it away. Both sides of Self Reflection must be brought under control to proceed to the next level of perception.  This allows one to open new doors of perception, frees up energy for the energy body, and gives one personal power, thereby strengthening ones connection with the spirit. Which is our connection to the source of all things. Blind Faith calls this GOD. Have Faith or don’t have faith, Energy doesn’t have an opinion. It just flows to all things equally from the source.

Knowledge is Power

Take your Power Back


Blind Faith
Blind Faith
I AM only blind in one eye.

Blind Faith in Self Reflection of the Self

The Great Deception?

Growing Up in, The Great Deception.

The Great Deception
The Great Deception

Before we even go into The Great Deception. I wish to make this crystal clear that this is my questioning. This is my introspection. If this helps one to relate to their own introspection reflection that’s fine. I Am writing it down so that it becomes crystal clear to myself. I have implied here that another should do, but to question everything at this moment.

The Great Deception

I live in a Great Deception. It’s called the illusion, the matrix, my reality. The use of deceit is being used to keep me from my knowing. Knowing what? I would like to say the truth, but I Am convinced that nobody on this earth, knows the truth. We have all been deceived. Even the deceivers have been deceived. The Great Deception is just that, Deception. Deception is the act of misleading another through intentionally false statements or fraudulent actions.

If I take a look at my first years of life. I get an idea of the extent of this Great Deception I am facing. From the beginning of life, I have been told misleading information whether intentionally or not. Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Free will, and I can be anything I want to be, are the start of my Great Deception.

From the day I was born I have been deceived. One might say this is all harmless fun, and now that I AM grown I should know better. The fact remains that this was/is deception. Little white lies to keep one from knowing their reality. Believing in and living in some make-believe reality. So we grow up and learn a description of the world that is The Great Deception. As I grow and learn, I come to find out the first description I grew up with was not reality at all. I AM but a drop in a sea of consciousness. Barely aware of myself.

The Great Deception There is no cause and effect

The Great Deception Cause and Effects

When I discovered these deceptions. It crushed everything, I thought I was.  My first belief in my first description wasn’t real. From that moment I started to question everything I have been told and at that moment I became trapped by the illusion of truth, without any hope of ever discovering my truth. If there is such a thing. I ask this question now. Is there a truth?

I was told there is truth. All one has to do is seek the truth, and one will find it. Why is the truth hidden? Why aren’t we taught the truth from birth? Who’s truth is it? Has one ever attempt to discover it?  Yes, of course. I have!  In my attempt to discover the truth I turned to religion. I was told that in seeking GOD, I will find the truth. Religion is were GOD is. I forget how fast I was deceived before. I found myself in more deception, more white lies to make me feel better about not knowing the truth. In questioning this description. I was told to have faith. What is faith?

Definition of FAITH
1 a: allegiance to duty or a person : loyalty
b: fidelity to one’s promises (2): sincerity of intentions
2 a: belief and trust in and loyalty to God (2): belief in the traditional doctrines of a religion
b: firm belief in something for which there is no proof (2): complete trust
3 : something that is believed especially with strong conviction; especially: a system of religious beliefs.
— on faith
: without question <took everything he said on faith>

I had faith, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, and Tooth Fairy were real. Now I see the faith I had wasn’t real faith at all. I was believing in a lie. Grow-up they said, those things aren’t real. GOD in religion is real. I have to have faith that faith is the key for finding GOD. And through this faith I will find the truth. It’s one duty to have faith. To have loyalty, a belief , a trust in something for which there is no proof. Complete trust. I remember the last time I did this and what happened to Santa Claus?

Now I’m told to believe in another fairy tale. Oh, but this one is real because the bible is GODS word. How can faith in something, anything, be trusted in The Great Deception?

The belief that I need somebody else to save me, isn’t that just another of The Great Deceptions? It made me dependent on somebody else. Somebody I have never met in person. Oh, there are stories and pictures of this person but I was never able to go up and shaken their hand or given them a big hug or kiss? All one needs is faith to do that.

The Great Deception
The Great Deception

Finding Faith in The Great Deception

Being Saved, is the Great Deception. Some religions believe their lord and master is going to come and save them in the last-minute. Oh, Really? Remember The Easter Bunny? Now why would someone or something do that. Oh, because this something or someone loves me. Then why let somebody suffer right up to the last-minute in their faith and then jump in and save them. To what purpose would that serve. The testing of faith? I have discover from past experience that faith lies. Faith can not be trusted. Just from the definition of faith. It’s Blind Faith. If faith is blind than I have just lost a sense of myself in faith. Faith has again taken something from me which I had before. Before I this faith. I could at the very least look at something and see it. Now I can’t see anything in faith.

I must have faith to be saved. Or so I AM told. While I Am waiting on my lord to tell me what to do and come down and save me. I ask myself. What am I doing to save myself? The Great Deception. Of course if I could save myself why would I wait until the last-minute to do so? Then again why wait for somebody else? It seems to me that as soon,… meaning the minute I could save myself I would. Why hang around in such a god forsaken place as this Great Deception to find the truth. Hoping for somebody else to show up and save me. When I have the power to save myself.

So if it is possible to save oneself, why aren’t more people doing it? Being saved that is! Being Saved is the Great Deception, that’s right, I’m waiting for somebody else to do it for me. I Am just either to lazy to weak, or to ignorant to do it for myself. Maybe, I don’t know how. I wanted and needed somebody else to do for me, what I failed to do for myself. Truth is I might be waiting for a long time. That person may never come.

The Great Deception
The Great Deception Having faith in a lie doesn’t make it truth.

Really the point here is not whether GOD exists. The point here is, what am I doing to save myself from this Great Deception? If it’s nothing. Then I deserve my fate. I’ll sit in my easy chair and take it as it comes. Hopefully my faith in my GOD will save me in time, at the last moment, because I deserve to be saved. After all I had faith in him because I was told too. Because it’s just to hard to do the right thing and attempt to save myself. It could be that I don’t need saving. I Am saved already.

This Doowan now sees things a little different from sitting in my easy chair and waiting to be saved. By God, by Jesus, By Alla, by Aliens, By our government, by anybody else, for that matter, but myself. I have to take action. I have to make the decision, I have to do something. To solve the Great Deception I AM faced with. What? Let somebody else decide for me whether I live or die. Where’s the I Am in letting someone else decide my fate. But again that’s just my experience in this introspection.

Expecting/believing having faith that some other being will come to save me when I can’t save myself is a belief that really needs changing or at the very least proving that this being I am to have faith in exist. So I tempt GOD to find GOD. I jump into the river of faith and I experience. The torrents of currents pushing me down the river. Mashing me up against rocks and pulling me under to drowned. OMG won’t somebody save me?

Understood when one is being flushed down a raging river after jumping in, that jumping in was not the wisest thing to do. Now a helping hand would be nice. There’s still no guaranty that somebody will stick out their hand to help me. So I had better make an attempt to swim towards the shore. There aren’t going to be many people out in the middle of the river willing to lend me a hand. We are all suffering the same fate. I realize I need to help myself and swim towards shore. That way somebody on shore can extend their hand and reach for me. Simply because I made the attempt to get closer to shore where help would be positioned. Which in turn may just save my life. I might be able to make it to shore and pull myself out of this river called faith. There are people willing and able to help pull me out of this raging river. But I Am going to have to swim closer to shore before that happens. Will they be my GOD or a kind Samaritan that just happened to fishing near by?

The Great Deception

The Great Deception of the river of faith.

This leads me back to faith and the Great Deception. Do I have faith in somebody else or faith in myself. If having faith in myself is a deception because I have not power to control my destiny.  And having faith in somebody else is true faith. Prove it. Show me the somebody else that’s going to save me. I don’t what to be told about this person or read about this person. I want to talk with this person feel this person. See this person. Grow in love with this person. This way faith is not necessary thus, it won’t blind me. I’ll know this person. In this Great Deception I was born into. I will test this person, as I have been lie to in the past. Is that too much to ask? Is that too much to expect? Is this experience, not an experience, that can be experienced. Because one needs faith.

If I choose to have faith in myself. Do I need to have faith in myself to discover myself? Won’t faith just blind me to who I really am? Shouldn’t I know myself? Shouldn’t I believe that I will do the right thing for myself? The experience of myself is something that is very real at least for me in this moment. What else do I know but myself. If GOD is anywhere, it must be within myself. For in this moment everything outside of myself is of the Great Deception. In getting to know myself, will I not find God? For how can my GOD live in The Great Deception? Hence, My GOD has me to separate us from the Great Deception outside. My GOD and I become one. Separate from the Great Deception called the illusion, the Matrix, Reality outside. Finding GODS Kingdom within.

In this moment for me. I come to a point at which I must make a decision. To believe in somebody else in the Great Deception or to believe in myself in the Great Deception.

The Great Deception Myself or Somebody else.

So I start swimming closer to shore and see Doowans News&Events they have their hand extended. Coming just a little closer, a little closer, a little closer, We Connect!

I hear, hold tight and don’t let go! Let’s get you out of this mess and dry you off! Your all wet. Hungry? We can cook up some fish.

Knowledge is Power

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The Great Deception
The Great Deception Believing in somebody else besides yourself.

The Great Deception