About US

It’s about, ALL of US

Our Life’s Journeys, the paths we take.

We are first and foremost called into action, evolving stewards of this miracle, we perceive called Planet Earth, the Cosmos, and Ourselves…

Always evolving into something wonderful. Our journey is ongoing and never ending, as we know.

We develop practices, strategies, habits that honor ourselves, and our beloved  home. We have enjoyed our successes, … We all do the best we can at any given moment!

As we Chuckle at our human follies, in this Earth School, We call home.

“We all Laugh at Ourselves”……, we are amusing creatures.

Our beautiful home called Earth

Engaging the elements in harmonious joyful juggling act, creating life from seed, in an organic fashion, creating a blissful rewarding relationship within all elementals that flourishes here.

Our understanding deepens in the love of all creation!

Balancing our ”’Yin & Yang”, in our sense of Polarity, our sense of humor, keeps a balance. Organic Gardening has become the most enlightening, renewing and humbling experience under taken. Our finest teacher and outlet, we have ever experienced to date.

The Road less Traveled
As above so it is below

This budding intimacy……  inspires us to seek more, in the ALL, it is Awe inspiring. Is it not?

Self Experience is our reward,… we take with us on our journeys.

As we Experience we sow,… discovered in Ourselves, in Mother Nature, we learn that the fruits of our labors is our just reward.

Sow it is in this realm, live, learn, grow, share, and enjoy.

With Love we seek, reach out to you,, Our Hearts are Open

Roll call,  Who’s present?……….. I AM Here! ME TOO!

Walk into Creation!

You are Welcome !

Explore and Discover in Love

5 thoughts on “About US

  1. What is the Creative commons Licenses here? Im doing a school project on snakes and I was hoping to use some of your pictures (crediting this site of course) is that okay?

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  3. I loved your “Stereotypical phrase” I want to publish it, just checking if it was okay to publish “Money is the root of all evil”. I think you need a section on our site to pull apart stereotypical phrases, and links to Doowans obviously! 😉
    Let me know what you think Stuart@stereotypical.net.

    All the best

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