Flying On The Wings of Consciousness

In Creation We Trust Flight in Spirit
Flying On The Wings of Consciousness

Flying On The Wings of Consciousness with others

Flying on the Wings of Consciousness, is A conscious flight into the unknown. That becomes Known through Experience. A Conversation I had with Friends. We share this concept together in the LOVE of all of Humanity.


We Arcturians have often spoken of Heart/Mind in the heart, where your Quad Heart and the duel/dual mind, along with ones multidimensional consciousness, are merged into ONE. This joining creates a connection that initiates a quantum shift of ones BEING, which becomes multidimensional in Creation, and our Hearts ability to receive, contain, and share this Unconditional love of Creation can BE Experienced.

Fly on the Wings of Consciousness to this location. We'll find YOU.
Fly on the Wings of Consciousness to this location. We’ll find YOU.

Since Unconditional love is the bonding force of this multiverse, once allowed into ones Universal Consciousness/Spirit/Heart it bonds Unconditional love into ones awareness. At the same time, ones multidimensional consciousness guides one to perceive and accept Creations Unconditional LOVE. The ability to feel, think, and SEE multidimensionally and to receive, use, and express Unconditional love is the key to this transmutation of ones Earth vessel consciousness.

Human Being
The shape of things to come. Try fitting this shape into your puzzle.

The multidimensional Consciousness, (YOU/ME), and Unconditional love becomes Crystallized into our HeartMind, the Three Fold Flame within ones Quad Heart becomes activated to initiate the return of our innate power within, infinite wisdom and Unconditional love to our daily life. These attributes not only serve as a “virus protector” by emanating a multidimensional energy field around ones energy body. We become our Quad Nature and as such, A Four Fold Flame as we light up from within. I call it Burning with the Fire from within.

Some call this enlightenment.

This energy field creates a “Vision/Clarity/lens” which expands perspective beyond the limitations of our physical veiled reality so one can place their attentions onto the higher frequencies of reality. Where ones attention is, there you are…

Hence, as your multidimensional consciousness chooses to EXTEND to a higher frequency of reality, our Unconditional love bonds with this higher expression of Creation. In this moment, one creates an energetic pathway into fifth-dimensional New Earth and beyond. One begins to Travel at the Speed of Consciousness.

In the twinkling of and Eye/I
In the twinkling of and Eye/I your there.

Free of many third dimensional illusions and limitations one begins to resonate to the power of multidimensional BEing, SEEing, FEELing, the wisdom of these higher dimensions brings the ability to live within the constant feedback of Unconditional LOVE. Unconditional love is much like a mirror. When our aura resonates to Unconditional love one consciously perceives and experiences every energy pattern that one transmits into ones reality. The Mirror, Mirror of self. Plus, one begins to SEE the other energies coming at them from other reflections in their reality.

Looking Back
I see a reflection of myself. I Now know, which one is truly me. The Blinding White Light has reveled.

Thus one has instant feedback of the energy that one sends and receives from their perceived world. This component of Unconditional love is what prepares us for life in the fifth dimension where there is no time. Within the NOW of the fifth dimension, ones thoughts and emotions are instantly manifest.

The Fifth Dimension

SOW, if one hold any fear-based thoughts or emotions, you create a thought wave that can only manifest in a reality in which there is fear. Since there is no fear in the fifth dimension and beyond, our consciousness is instantly pulled into a lower frequency of the third and fourth dimensions where that thought form can be, and is, manifest.

SOW to speak, the frequency of our thoughts and emotions dictates the level of reality in which the thought-forms are manifested. Thus, this manifestation pulls our consciousness into the lower frequency/dimensions of reality in which our thought forms manifest.

Therefore, when our thought form is created within a LOVE-based thought, and one feels that thought with Unconditional love it is manifest in a reality that resonates to a higher frequency of Unconditional love. Hence, our consciousness is instantly pulled into the higher resonance of reality in which that thought form manifested. In this manner, we will begin to create an energetic pathway to Creation / New Earth / New Worlds. Which ever YOU choose.

Come inside a join the Family. The Kingdom of Heaven is within.

New Earth

New Earth is not a place. It’s a state of being. New Earth is a higher frequency of the Earth on which you hold this physical form. Therefore, one can maintain this physical form while they visit New Earth or other new worlds.

Just as you would leave your car in the airport parking lot when you fly to another location, you can leave this physical body on this physical Earth plain while you travel inter-dimensionally Flying on The Wings of Consciousness.

However, just as you may not want to leave your cherished car in a vacant field, you may not want to leave your earth vessel in an insecure location while you transport your consciousness into these higher realities. It is important to make sure your physical vehicle/vessel is in a safe place while you take these inter-dimensional “flights”.

Fortunately, this New Earth does not resonant to time. Hence, one can leave their earth vessel, which exists within NOW, and return to it just a millisecond after you left it. In fact, you may be having many visits of which your physical body and 3D consciousness is unaware. A Dream within a Dream, within a Dream. However, your cellular consciousness is aware of these visits, as it is protecting your energy form while you are “gone” into no-time, Dreaming.

Know Thy Self.
I Dream of a New World and Worlds beyond

Fortunately and unfortunately, there is a bonding frequency that adheres our earth vessel to this frequency of our third/fourth dimensional reality. Our cellular consciousness is aware of this frequency and emits it from our physical body while one is on a multidimensional journey. Our multidimensional consciousness perceives this emanation and uses this energetic beacon to “light its way” back into our physical form.

Feeling the Effects

Many of you are feeling great fatigue because it is increasingly difficult for you to maintain the lower dimensional consciousness of your physical form. In fact, it is hard work to have our consciousness limited to such a low frequency when our HeartMind is Flying on The Wings of Consciousness into the higher realms of Creation.

Our third dimensional EGO/MIND is addicted to the frequency of operation that it has maintained, defended, and was taught for countless incarnations. Therefore, the higher light that is here NOW activating our HeartMind is creating an inter-dimensional tug-of-war. Push ME, Pull YOU. One component of our consciousness seeks to remain in the familiar operating frequency that binds us to this third/fourth dimension. While another component of our consciousness is pulling ME away from that density of reality.

Dream Traveler Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness shared some Magic
The Universe is your play ground. Consciousness is your gift from Creation. Are you refusing the Gift?

Hence, one may feel like an airplane that is trying to take off, while still being tethered to the landing strip. This tug-of-war creates a great fatigue in our present physical meatstick form. When we fight this fatigue we are functioning via our third dimensional operating system. On the other hand, when one surrenders to the fatigue, we begin operating from a fifth dimensional state of consciousness.

Since our state of consciousness adheres us to a reality of the same frequency resonance, our third dimensional consciousness/behavior of fighting for what one wants or has, adheres us to this physical world. Conversely, the fifth dimensional consciousness/behavior of surrendering to the moment, or Creation adheres one to a fifth dimensional reality of NOW.

In our life journey through this third dimensional life, we have learned that we must fight the constant illusion that we are not good enough, We have sinned. Now we must release this third dimensional behavior of fighting, so that we can embrace the fifth dimensional behavior of surrendering to the NOW of each moment.

Who needs Comets and Hopi Prophecy when you have thousands of these?
Who needs Comets when you have thousands of these? Time to leave this all behind.

The many illusions of this time and space have created a belief that we must fight our way through the myriad of 3D barriers that lie between ME and MY goal. In the fifth dimension, our goal is to BE our Multidimensional SELF. Thus, when we surrender to our goal, we surrender to our Multidimensional higher SELF. When one fully surrenders to our Multidimensional SELF, we ARE fifth dimensional.

Therefore, when one surrenders to the process of transmuting our 3D earth vessel into a 5D Lightbody, one greatly advances this process.

The Transformation Begins

This transmutation begins by becoming aware of our fifth dimensional consciousness merging with our third dimensional body, which is already connected with the cells and DNA of this physical earth vessel. Our cellular consciousness is already multidimensional.

Our cells are made up of molecules. These molecules are multidimensional in that they extend into the subatomic levels in which the templates are formed for our body. The Mold of MAN, Our cellular consciousness is also connected to our 12 strands of DNA.

Changing Human Form 12 Stranded DNA
Changing Human Form
12 Stranded DNA

Therefore, as our DNA continues to expand from just the 3% third dimensional DNA into the 97% multidimensional DNA, our consciousness expands from our physical reality into our multidimensional expressions of self. Furthermore, while we are shifting at this level of our DNA, we are also shifting at the level of our daily state of consciousness and awareness.

Our cellular DNA consciousness maybe best identified as our “sub-superconscious.” This sub-superconscious, or subquantum consciousness is the quantum level in which the 97% DNA functions as a two-way portal of light Photon. These trillions of light portals are two-way in that this DNA serves as a portal that is able to receive the higher frequencies of photon light into our Earth/Heart vessel, while it also projects that light into our ordinary life.

When we are editing a paper that we are writing, you may “save a copy” of the original so that you have an unaltered version to consult while you are editing the new version. However, in this case one is in the process of using the original version of our earth vessel. Thus, the “copy” of our transmuting vessel is the one being saved to our fourth dimensional “Computer Human files.”

Computer Human I'm not an Animal
Computer Human
I’m not an Animal

In this manner, you can still function on physical Earth while you are simultaneously altering your body at a cellular level. NOW, you have two versions of this earth vessels. You have the original version that can only function on the physical plane, as well as the multidimensional Lightbody version that can function on any frequency of reality. Presto!

Two Spirits become as one
The Energy Body just is. Use it or lose it.

We hear your question of,“Why don’t we just keep the transmuting vessel?”

This is a good question, which we will now answer. Here are two reasons why you may want to keep your original vessel.

First, the transmuting vessel is still “under construction” and can only be operated by your higher states of consciousness. Since you are transmuting your body while you are still holding many third dimensional obligations, it is often difficult to maintain a constant connection to your multidimensional consciousness. Thus you still need to “drive” your physical 3D vessel while your consciousness is attached to this physical 3D reality. The 5D consciousness is still here. It’s just in the passengers seat for NOW. As your 3D self drives to the dealership. Sow to speak.

The second reason is because you are in a partnership with Gaia. Therefore, you have volunteered to align your personal consciousness with the planetary consciousness.  The Tonal of Humanity. Thus, as your personal consciousness expands, so does the planetary consciousness. Likewise, as the planetary consciousness expands, so does your personal consciousness, exponentially. Also, since many of Gaia’s inhabitants, mostly human, need a little more “time to transmute” their personal earth vessels, likewise, Gaia is keeping Her planetary 3D earth vessel. In the same manner, you are maintaining your physical 3D vessel so that you can assist others, if needed.

She Is the Wobbling. However she is hanging in there for us all.
She Is Wobbling. However she is hanging in there for us all.

Many of you are feeling as though you are two persons. Or walking between worlds. In fact, this is exactly what is happening. People and Planet are maintaining a physical “original” while they experiment with the new concepts of ascension without Total destruction of self. Furthermore, you may find that some of the alterations that you have made to your copied double do not work. Bad programming maybe? Fortunately, you still have your original to consult.

For example, you may find that you have taken in more Light than your transmuting version of SELF can easily contain. Therefore, that vessel is “temporarily out of order” until you have adapted to the new, higher frequency operating system. In this case, you can return to the 3D version of your vessel while your transmuting “copy” is grounding the higher light within the core of the planet and within the core of each cell of your physical vessel.

What would happen if you turned on a huge generator and did not ground it? It would short circuit. Your 3D vessel is your grounding cord, while your “copy” is your transmuting vessel is accepting higher and higher programming frequencies of light. In this manner, there is no destruction of your physical form. Therefore, you do not need to “die” when you ascend. In the same manner, Gaia has maintained Her original version of a 3D planet while Her “copy” is being transmuted. Then, She too has the physical Earth to ground the higher light that She is also downloading. Thus, just as you will not destroy your physical personal vessel, she is not destroying Her physical planetary vessel.

We are not transmuting our form while in a Temple at the peak of an isolated mountain. TRUTH is, No one is caring for our earthy needs or our physical form, but YOU/ME. Furthermore, many of you may plan to maintain your original earth vessel so that you can assist others who are ascending at different speeds and in different manners.

Choices the Seed of Man
Growing the SEEDS of TRUTH

Keeping an operational version of our earth vessel guarantees that there are physical humans on the physical planet while other beings are adapting to this higher frequencies of light.

Flying on The Wings of Consciousness

Our physical earth vessel serves as an inter-dimensional landing pad for the increasing inter-dimensional experiences of our multidimensional consciousness. Also, once our personal adaptations are complete, our fourth dimensional expression will transmute into our multidimensional Lightbody, while we still maintain a physical earth vessel. Then, our Lightbody will travel the Cosmos via its Merkaba/Starship, and “land” our earth vessel to share our experiences with others. If YOU Please. Remember this is just a sharing.

Newer model of the Human body. Looks like Consciousness will fit in that model just fine
Newer model for the Human body Consciousness. Looks like Consciousness will fit in that model just fine.

We will return soon to share how the higher light transmutes each Chakra. We ask that you take this message into your meditations so that your HeartMind can assist you to access your inherent Infinite wisdom, Power within, Unconditional LOVE and Multidimensional being to deeply embrace these multidimensional constructs. Of course One can always do or be what they will.

It's a Pleasure to meet you! We will talk again soon.
It’s a Pleasure to meet you! We will talk again soon….. Likewise I AM sure!

If you call upon us, we will assist you”.

The Arcturians visiting with Thunderbird

Spirit and Playing with Reality
Flying on the Wings of Consciousness. With Creation under my Wings. Come visit us. We have been waiting here for YOU.

Knowledge is Power
Experience is Wisdom
Your Power is Yours
Fly on the Wings of Consciousness


Winky, My alter Ego
Damn, when do I get my Wings? Hey CJC,  I mean Thunderbird, can you give me a lift?

Winky, I won’t leave you behind! Just waiting for the two seater Model. You got Gas money? LOL

Flying on The Wings of Consciousness. Sooner or later it’s going to happen to YOU. You can fight it, if YOU want to. Why would you do that?


A Viscous Circle

A Viscous Circle maybe Viscous, However it’s not a Circle.

A Viscous Circle is not a Circle at all
It looks like a Butterfly, Stings like a Bee.  It’s A Viscous Circle

We live life in A Viscous Circle. Going in circles, chasing our own tales. This Viscous Circle is ominous until we open ourselves up to creation. Thus pop our Bubble of Perception. That’s when we become the all SEEing/Cing EYE/I . In truth it’s NOT A Viscous Circle at all here, but a Pyramid of Fear, Hope, and Doubt.

The Great Pyramid
Yep, the Great pyramid has eight sides

Sow, I choose to rename this post, The Power of the Pyramid, or better yet, Popping the Bubble of Perception.

A Viscous Circle, Living in FEAR, HOPE, and DOUBT

At the top of the system pyramid is the all SEEing I of FEAR. Fear is Mankind’s first natural enemy and a formidable one at that. Though I walk through the valley in the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. Fear is the controlling factor of the shadow world in which we perceive. Using ones LOVE of life to sell and buy ones soul. U C when we live in a mirror we SEE evil or good. LIVE mirrors EVIL  However, a New World Order is coming and in fact is already here. Not the one you have heard about or maybe thinking of in fear. You SEE they want you to Fear the New World Order because again you give your Power away to something outside of yourself. It doesn’t matter what you Fear as long as you Fear, Something, Anything. In that Fear one looks for Something, Anything to give them Hope that things will get better. If by chance they do. It wasn’t the Hope that change it now was it?

Hoping, it’s a reflection of an Illusion

Losing all HOPE, I HOPE you get this

Hope offers nothing but Hope it self. Hope in this, Hope in that. When one Hopes they do nothing but Hope. I call this Hopium. An Irrational and unwarranted optimism in the illusion of HOPE.

Have you had Your Hopium today? Hear, we can break apart the word HOPE to show the intent hidden inside the spell-ing. Yes, words cast spells it’s the magic of this world. To be-lie-ve a word like Hope can give you something other than hope itself. Which of course is an Illusion.

The Meaning of "You"
It’s a Viscous Circle When we live in an Illusion

Let’s begin, shall we?

(H) has a parallel structure like two walls standing side by side. Between the walls is a bridge. It’s been said… Don’t burn your Bridges. However, the Phoenix rises from the ashes now doesn’t it? Sow, H becomes the bridge to a parallel perception. Bridging perception between Heaven and Earth. It’s a MATTER of perception. Which one do you choose/prefer to SEE?

(O) of course is the void of Creation itself. It’s deep and dark. In truth it contains both light and dark, Let there BE Light! Where everything that is and ever will be, has and is already created in this Universe. Your here aren’t you? OH, yes you are!

The Spritt of Reflections
The Spirit of Reflection. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall is that ME in the ALL?

(P) is a mirror of sorts where only the upper right corner contains a reflection, Not even a full siDed reflection at that. However it is on the right upper side, sow it appears good. Leaving out three other reflections to our quad nature of Spirit. Picture a four-leaf clover with three leaves missing. Put Pee in your mouth and try not to spit it out. OK, Pees make you spit.

And (E), well that is consciousness. Could be yours or maybe it’s mine. Pay Attention to the advertising around you and you will soon SEE how your E is being manipulated. Those in the know already know about E. I AM just using words to play a game with your Consciousness. E is the electric part of ME, the intent sow to speak. Where M is the magnetic, the part that attracts and repels Creation in a positive or negative faction. I AM positive or AM I negative? When in truth we are both. As one can SEE when one Hopes they have Doubt.


Doubting in Creation brings Doubt within yourself. Doubt within yourself brings Hope of Something else. That something else brings Fear and we are off again looping in a preprogrammed Illusion of FEAR, HOPE, and DOUBT. Going in A Viscous Circle eating our own tails . Spinning constantly Spinning in the holy trinity of Fear, Hope, and Doubt. As you know, the (Be) in Doubt is silent. In Creation when one is in Doubt. Your (BE) is silenced.


Pop this Bubble of Perception, open up to Creation to be who you truly aRe. The Spirit Breath of Creation. Creation can’t BE Creation without you, SEE/C?

Sow, ROW, ROW, ROW your boat.

The Energy Body And Dreams
The prize is you.  SURPRIZE !!!! Your Spirit is the essence of you!

What to make a Change?

Here’s a simple equation… I AM “THAT” I AM. Now replace “THAT” with any word in your vocabulary you choose to BE. It’s as simple as THAT. Be-cause in the beginning there was the word. And the word was…?

A Viscous Circle is Fear, Hope, Doubt. Not a circle at all. You’ll SEE for a change.

Replace these three words, FEAR, HOPE, DOUBT with any word in your vocabulary. Try LOVE, TRUST and UNITY, 4 A Change, not in any worldly system, but in Creation itself. Is all one need do. It MATTERS. Creation Be-comes you and ABRACADABRA…!

Don't sweat the small stuff
The Divine BEing of the Universe. A star is born.


The New World Order is NOW YOU! OR would you rather BE something else? What word will you be today?

I AM “THAT” I AM. Truth simply MATTERS.

Personally, I could care less which word you choose. Or choose not. Or what you want to BE or not BE. That’s up to you. It’s in LOVE, (The Law of Creation in the Truth of Consciousness), that I share. Thus, I write my BOOK of LIFE, write/rite/right/wright yours today! Or remain in the E-GYPT-IAN BOOK of THE DEAD.

(NOTE: Use the links to read my BOOK of LIFE in any order you feel on your path) , or don’t, who cares?

To BE or not to BE, that is the Question. Only you can answer “THAT”.


Spirit and Playing with Reality
Flying on the Wings of Consciousness. With the Wind of Creation under my Wings

POP!… Goes the Weasel.

I AM out of Here! SEE/C YA

Knowledge is Power
Experience is Wisdom
Take your Power Back

Fly on the Wings of Consciousness


Winky, My alter Ego
I Wish I had Wings. Hey, CJC can I catch a Ride?

You know,… I will change the post title again to… My BOOK of LIFE. WHY? Be-cause I can.

My project is done and turned in early on this Earth/Heart school. On to THE next Knowink in Consciousness.

Sow, I live my BOOK of LIFE. Not in A Viscous Circle of FEAR, HOPE, and DOUBT in the BOOK of THE DEAD. In Creation where I BE ME.

Thirty Pieces of Silver

Is that all your Christ is worth?

The Finger
Yea, this is what I say to them. Charging me to use my own body. What a scam!

We have all heard the story of Thirty Pieces of Silver. However, do we comprehend the Anagogic meaning of what it means for ourselves? When one realizes Silver to symbolize Truth. We put on an anagogic set of eyes to SEE the Truth. You may think this is holy shit and it is.

Yep! That's what I Am talking about. Holy Shit
Yep! That’s what I Am talking about. Holy Shit !

If one believes the literal story of Judas and Jesus you are missing the anagogic point. You have your Thirty Pieces of Silver.

The whole story is quite different according to the Dream. So let’s Dream a Dream, within a Dream. You Dream don’t you?

It’s been said, Young men have Visions, old men have Dreams. To be neutral let’s use beings instead of men because we are both male and female in the duelity of this world. Better yet, let’s use souls. OK? Asks Lucifer. OHK, Says Creation!

Thirty Pieces of Silver is an Anagogic Dream. Where we can play both characters in this Passion play to find the true anagogic meaning of the allegory for ourselves within ourselves. As we all have the Dream to play either character or both. In truth we are playing one character or the other and some of us play them both at the same time in the literal. Talk about psychopathic.

Warning: Don’t get caught up personally/emotionally in the characters them self. It’s the message they bring that we should take to heart. Where the whole Truth can be felt.

The power in Spirit.
Flying on the wings of Spirit

Thirty Pieces of Silver

So with that said, the story goes something like this. At the last supper Christ whispered something in Judas ear and we went off to betray Jesus. Receiving Thirty Pieces of Silver to kiss Jesus as to bear false witness against him. In other words ID him to the authorities. Authorities, yea right! We all know what the authorities did after that and how the story ended. Or do we?

Here/s what Thirty pieces of Silver will buy you
Blind Faith in Thirty Pieces of Silver

Judas my Brother

Let’s play the part of Judas for a moment to SEE from that characters eyes, shall we?

Hear, I Am the most trusted of the Disciples. The treasurer, the one that took care of all the needs of the crew. When they needed something they came to me and I produced it for them. I keep all their money safe and balanced the books so they can see where every penny went. And not a penny is missing. If fact, I Am Christs most trusted friend some may say brother. So when he came to me and asked me to betray him. I was confused and hurt. Why would he ask me to do something that goes against the trust and love we have for each other? Who would do such a thing? Betray the one I LOVE. Christ don’t ask me to do that. Ask one of your other eleven disciples to do that. What? You can’t trust them to betray you. Why me? Yes, I love you and would do anything for you. Anything but that. Yes, I see the bigger picture after our talk, and how humanity has lost their way. Yes, we are here to show Humanity the way, the truth, and the life. Oh hell, that’s a convincing argument. Yes, I know Thomas doubts, Paul has his own agenda, and Peter, that dick, will deny, his Christ three times but… Oh yes, you did tell me the secrets of Creation. Oh, I SEE creation needs you to do this and you need me to help you show the truth of Creation. Wow, Christ I just went fractal. I don’t know. Let me think about this. I will give you my answer tonight at the supper. Hey, what kind of bread would you like tonight? Sourdough it is. Any fish?

In the Mind of Judas

Let me SEE, If I don’t do this thing that Christ asked me to do. Some, if not all of humanity will be lost. If I do this thing than humanity has a chance to have a chance of finding their Christ consciousness to join Creations divine plan, however it goes against my very heart and soul. Hum, that’s a hard decision. What will happen to me? If I don’t do this I AM lost as I Am Humanity. If I do this I Am lost to myself. Damn! Jesus Christ! I Am lost either way. What a bitch it is to be the most trusted and loved. That”s compassion for you, Damned if you do, and Damned if you don’t. Hey, I can make some money if I do this. I can sell my Christ consciousness for Thirty Pieces of Silver. Wait, I know I will take the Thirty Pieces of Silver and then give it back. That way the divine plan of Creation can be fulfilled and I can keep my soul. Yea, that’s the ticket. Maybe, I will just hang myself and teach them all a lesson.

All for Thirty Pieces of Silver
Not my Circus, not my Monkeys. Yet I pay the price.

We all know how their story turned out. My question to you is. What would you do?

You SEE you are Judas selling your Christ consciousness for Thirty Pieces of Silver, Some call it a pay check, I Am just doing my job scenario , because we all have to live, Right? Yep, Creation doesn’t have a plan for me. How can I possibly trust Creation to give to my needs? You know, Creation takes care of everything else but little old me. Well how will I ever know, because I have sold my Christ consciousness for Thirty Piece of Silver. It’s OHK, Creation has a plan once we trust Creation. Just ask Christ. That’s the Christ within you. Remember the warning?
Warning: Don’t get caught up emotionally in the characters them self. It’s the message that they bring that we should take to heart.

Let’s be Christ for a moment, shall we?

My Brother in Heart
Tell them to live from their Hearts. That’s where Spirit dwells

In the Mind of Christ

Yes, Mother, How’s Father? I know I have to do this for Creation. Humanity has been deceived. Can you take this cup from ME? Father said, I have to do this? OK! Man this is going to hurt. Hey, humanity doesn’t know ME. How will I get them to do what needs to be done. They don’t follow my teaching. Instead they would rather worship me and hang their sins on me. Forgive them for they know not what they do! How will they even know it is ME, I carry no pictured ID. Yes, Judas is my most trusted brother. I can’t ask him to betray me. We LOVE each other. Judas will never do this to me. He will need to know the divine plan to help motivate him. Cool Father, I will let him know, but the decision must be his. Yes, I will let him know what LOVE truly is, (The Law of Creation in the Truth of Consciousness), He will SEE the big picture once he knows. I can trust him to do this for me as long as he knows the whole truth. Ah, that’s where the Thirty Pieces of Silver comes into play. Awesome, Father so that’s the plan. Oh, I have a Question. What if humanity doesn’t get the message? Oh, you have a plan B. I know just because the message may not be received doesn’t mean it should not be sent. Man, this is going to hurt Judas as well. I AM not THAT sure if he will do this after all so Your plan (BE) better work. Thy will be done. I know Creation has this. Be with you soon!

OUCH! Is that all you got?

Letting go of the name
Be what you is. Not what you is not. People that is, is the happiest lot…

It is finished…

When one stops to consider the way of the world. One can only assume that the message was not received by humanity. Even though it was written in our Hearts. I have three Questions for you that only you can answer for yourself. Ready? That one didn’t count. Why did the bible mention the three nails where they were one short to do the job? If Christ was to be hung on a cross or (T) one would only need three nails, right? So why say anything at all about the nails?

Hint: Maybe it wasn’t a (t) at all. Just sign here on the (X) will you!

Why would I share this Dream? Because it is time we all get the message. Why? If not NOW, when, if not you, then who? How many more Christ consciousness must sacrifice themselves for the sake of humanity? The Truth is very simple. You SEE you are Christ sacrificing yourself to Humanity/System. As we SEE, Christ is in service to Creation, as we are all creation. Serve your Master. It would be a shame to waste another Christ consciousness on dead people. Let the dead bury the dead. One cannot serve two masters. One can serve Creation by becoming the Christ consciousness within you thus becoming the all. Or One can Idol worship. Serving the system that has lied, cheated, and sold your very soul for Thirty Pieces of Silver, I might add.

The Eye of insight
If they only had the eyes to SEE,

Is that what your Christ Consciousness is worth? Thirty Pieces of Silver all though Silver is truth. It’s only Thirty Pieces of Silver. Not the whole truth now is it?

In Truth, they are not to blame. It’s been your choice all along, NOW hasn’t it? Because if it wasn’t for them showing a contrast or polarity, some of us would not get the message this time. So in the big picture of Creation, it’s perfect. And they didn’t have to pay much to educate you. Just Thirty Pieces of Silver should do the trick. Greedy bastards!

The whole truth is written in your Heart. That is if you have one. Hey, I AM not judging. I SEE dead people walking around believing it’s life. And paying with their very soul to live. In truth that’s just my observation. I SEE that Judas had a choice to make. With closer examination and using a Dream one discovers there is only one choice. Which of course is not a choice at all, NOW is it? Sow what is stopping you from being the Christ you are? Thirty Pieces of Silver? Jesus Christ, all one has to do is BE! Well if that’s to difficult for humanity/you.

The Seed
Lost in our own mind. The Space can be cruel. Sow I will just Plant a seed.

Well, what more can I Say? I can’t help you.Those that have ears let the hear, those that have eyes let them SEE, those that have heart, let them feel. I will say, Those that have Spirit let them BE CHRIST. Or receive their Thirty Pieces of Silver.

Remember, You reap what you sow! Sow here’s payment in full. You can have your soul back if you want it. Payment has been made in full, That was Thirty Pieces of Silver. Sow it’s free to you. Sow just take it. It’s yours after all. Wow, look you have a choice. I can’t say the same for Judas.

god creates man
I wonder. Did God create man in his Image? Or did man create God in his?

My people suffer for the lack of Knowledge. Hum, why is that? It’s written in their Heart. All one need do is Remember. Connect with Creation is all the remembering one needs and to know the Law of Creation is inside of you. As Above, so Below and vise versa. Remember, Creation has this. It doesn’t get any easier, does it? Unless you need someone to BE Christ for you.

OH, I have Thirty Pieces of Silver waiting just for you! Go Ahead give ME a KISS, Judas. Not something I would do, but that’s ME. Those that have Spirit let them BE.

Dream Traveler Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness shared some Magic
The Universe is your play ground. Christ Consciousness is your gift from Creation. Are you refusing the Gift?

Knowledge is Power
Experience is Wisdom
Take your Power Back

Winky, My alter Ego
A Christ-mind is a terrible thing to waste

Sorry, Lucifer. My Christ is not for sale. You can keep your Thirty Pieces of Silver. Have a Nice Day!