Having My (Snake) and eating it too!

Having My (Snake) and eating it too!

Having your Snake and eating it too!
Having my Snake and eating it too!

Did you mean Cake?

Be aware there out there.

Had my first meeting with a Southern Pacific Rattlesnake yesterday. Does that wake you up in a hurry. Was walking down my driveway coming back from a friends house. Turned the corner heading for the door . Hello Snake. He rattled back. Oh, your are a rattlesnake you are the first one I have had the pleasure to meet. He rattled back at me. ” The Pleasuresssssss mine”.

Well, what do we do from here I wonder? I don’t what you in my garden area or going down were the children and pets are playing by the lake shore, and you don’t seem to be in a hurry to let me pass to the door.  Looks like were at a stand off. I am all for letting Gods creatures be.  But you’re a terrorist and you can kill with just one bite. I’ve seen you on the most wanted list. But you sure are beautiful.

He rattled, come closer and take a good look. I’ll show you what else I can do! I said, you know I have always wanted to try rattlesnake meat. I heard you taste like chicken. He rattled, come closer I want to see what you taste like. SSSSmart Asssssss!

Oh, the fight is on, so I grabbed the closest thing which was a shovel and went to take a closer look. Missed me, how did that shovel taste when you try to bite it? Now, let me show you what I can do. Ouch! he rattled, That pissssssssssses me off. You started it I said, but now I have to finnish this. I guess I will find out if you taste like chicken. Good luck, he rattled I’m headed for the rocks. Oh no, you’re not I said, I going to have you for dinner tonight, sorry and thank you!  Ouch, he rattled his lasssssssssst battle.

You know they don’t taste like chicken, but the textures the same and not much meat on the bones. I tanned his skin, as I always want to remember what this snake taught me.

Snake… come crawling. There’s fire in your eyes. Bite me. Excite me. I’ll learn to realize. The poison transmuted, brings eternal flame. Open me to heaven, heal me again.

This is heavy magic. Alchemy, uses the symbology of two snakes intertwined around a sword to represent healing. The power of snake medicine is the power of creation. It embodies sexuality, psychic energy, alchemy, reproduction and ascension (immortality). It is the energy of wholeness, cosmic consciousness, and the ability to experience anything willingly and without resistance. It’s the knowledge that all things are equal in creation, and those things that might be experienced as poison can be eaten, ingested, integrated and transmuted if one has the proper state of mind. We are all universal beings. Complete understanding and acceptance of the male and female energy within us creates a blending of the two into one, creating divine energy. This energy creates wholeness. Release the outer skin of your present day identity. Move through the dream like illusion that has insisted on static continuity, and find a new rhythm as your body glides gracefully across the sands of consciousness accepted by the whole.

A lesson I won’t soon forget. Thank You!

They are one of the more venomous of Rattlesnakes. The outcome could have went the other way! And I wouldn’t be writing this today.

Snake Fact Links: You can never know to much.


Neurotoxicity associated with suspected southern Pacific rattlesnake

Southern Pacific Rattlesnake Video Learn this sound.

Rattlesnakes take a toxic turn for the worse

Just remember when in your garden and around your yard, that these beautiful creatures are present. Come to think of it we haven’t seen Lumpy for a while. Hope he’s OK! Check out our Lumpy Video.

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Yep! Having my Snake and eating it too!
Yep! Having my Snake and eating it too!

Having My (Snake) and eating it too!

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