Parallel Realities and Dimensional Shifts

We have heard a lot about Parallel Realities and Dimensional Shifts.

Parallel Realities of Creation
Parallel Realities of Creation

What does this all really mean?

With the coming and going of December 21, 2012, we all had expectations about what might happen and what did happen. What’s amazing to this Doowan is the realization that there is truth to the Parallel Realities and Dimensional Shifts phenomena. In the stories of the Great I AM, I have expressed the process that brought this experience of Parallel Realities and Dimensional Shifts into the light for myself.

I would like to share a personal experience with you that might bring this phenomena into a light for The Reader. Then in fact proving that Parallel Realities and Dimensional Shifts are as real as everyday life. This must be a personal experience, to give this Parallel Realities and Dimensional Shifts phenomena validity. Experiencing is believing. When one believes, one allows those beliefs to create Parallel Realities of their own choosing. Hence, live the life the believer wishes for their self. The experience I wish to share is personal and as such, I would hope that you/The Reader, would respect this sharing to the best of your ability. Thank You!

Before we get started I must share with The Reader some information about Parallel Realities and Dimensional Shifts that help bring this experience into fruition for myself.

(If I can do it, YOU can do it.)  So let’s get started.

Parallel Realities and Dimensional Shifts

Sounds like a big fancy name for something so easy to recognize. Once it’s seen. The fact is we are shifting into parallel realities all the time. It’s natural, we do it without any process at all. It’s the natural Magic we as Human Consciousness have, inside ourselves.

To put it another way, it’s our nature to shift. This is the way Human Consciousness works with this reality. So in reality there is nothing we really have to do at all. However,  if we what to see the difference between these Parallel Realities we must look very closely at ourselves. I’ll explain what I mean.

We are Shifting from Parallel Reality to Parallel Reality possibly millions of times per second. However the differences between Parallel Realities is so slight that it’s hardy recognizable. It may even look like the passing of time, but it’s not. Our created reality is very much like that of an Onion. We can go from one layer to another layer and it all still looks like the Onion. If for some reason, which I will expand upon later, we move from one layer to another layer of the Onion until we reach a point outside the Onion. Reality changes.

We no longer are seeing the inside of the Onion but the whole Onion. What causes this outside shift to Parallel Realities is the great mystery that every mystic has alluded to but never really explained. Saying the Onion (Reality) is an illusion.

Parallel Realities The Meaning of Life

This is true but it’s not the full picture and the full picture is what we need to change. Our Onion reality is an illusion but the experiences in the Onion Reality are not. Being Spiritual beings we live life for the experiences this illusion of the Onion brings. That’s our meaning of life.

Our life needs no other meaning than that of our experiences. We can always try to find deeper meaning but the key word here is TRY. Try is such a self-limiting word because in reality we either do or we don’t. Simply, if we are still trying we haven’t done it. Once we have done what we set out to do. We are no longer trying. So quit trying; either do it or don’t, what ever it maybe.

Drop this word (TRY) from your belief system. You become very powerful. Taking your power back is very up lifting and renewing. It’s your right and left to have personal power. So claim it!

In essence believe it is so and it’s yours.

Back to the Parallel Realities of the Onion

For a long time I believed the Onion was all there was to my reality and to be quite honest I don’t like Onions. I would try, and there’s that word again, to change the Onion to something I did prefer. No matter what I tried or how I tried, it always remained as an Onion. Sound familiar?  So in my discovery of the Totality of myself. I discovered that my belief that the Onion was all there is, was a self-limiting belief that kept me trapped inside the Onion.

I believed that the Onion was all there was and reality reflected this belief. As I worked on my belief system. Which of course is on the inside of my consciousness, I discovered how a particular belief manifests reality. Simply, The Onion is an Onion because I believe it to be so.

Here’s and example; One day I walked up to the mirror and looked a my reflection. I noticed that the reflection was not smiling. I thought, that the reflection in the mirror should be smiling, why should it look so sad? Will believe it or not, I went up to the mirror and tried to change the face in the mirror by molding a smile upon its face.

No surprise here, that didn’t work no matter what I tried to the reflection. I even went as far as taking my girlfriends lipstick out and painting a smile on the mirror.

You guess it. Not only was she mad because that was good lipstick, but a slight movement to either side and the smile, didn’t stay with the face in the mirror. Of course I could stay in the same place from now on and maintain the painted smile, but that’s not life. What if somebody came by and wanted to see me? What if they saw me wearing lipstick?

Plus, now I have to go out and replace the lipstick I had just messed up.

Anyway, my point is that I was trying to change my reality from the outside. The reflection.

Changing Parallel Realities through Beliefs

Once I realized reality can only be change from the inside of my consciousness out. I smiled. Low and behold the reflection change to a smile with lipstick on. I immediately understood the makeup of Reality.

Realities construct is such that it has to reflect what is inside of my consciousness. When I change myself through my belief system, reality changes instantaneously. Since we shift from parallel reality to parallel reality.

The moment I changed, the next parallel reality reflected, changed instantaneously. If you want proof, do this experiment for yourself. Suggestion buy your own lipstick.

Seeing the Change Parallel Realities to Parallel Realities

As I stated above. We shift to Parallel Realities millions, if not billions of times a second. We can’t see the change because let’s face it our beliefs don’t change that often, but when they do. Reality does change. The proof is in the mirror.

Let’s take this one step further. I personally have change my belief that the reality of the Onion isn’t all there is. To instantaneously change the Onion into a Squash would require a quantum change in my belief system. Not that this can’t be done, it can, and I truly believe that it can be done. However, changing a belief system to reflect reality can be a tricky fair. Especially if what I was believing is totally different from what I AM believing.

Remember reality reflect you and your Beliefs.

Let’s say I change my belief to: I believing that the Squash is the best reality for me. The next Parallel Realities would reflect the belief that the Squash is the best reality for me and my reality would change that instant into the Squash reality leaving the reality of the Onion behind.

Good I didn’t like Onions anyway. Now I am in the Parallel Reality of the Squash. But the Squash Reality has an Onion favor because I didn’t allow my Higher Self to communicate to me what it knows would be best reality for the both of us. OOOPS. I may have a few beliefs from the old Parallel Realities of the Onion that I hadn’t discovered yet.

I thought that the Squash was the best option because I like Squash. My Higher Self which has a much closer connection to the source of all and in fact is always connected. Knows that a Plum would bring the most abundance of experiences to our life. If I had simply change my beliefs and then allowed the Higher Self to bring the connection of abundance then this Squashed Parallel Realities wouldn’t taste like Onions. I would be living the abundant life of a Plum. It really is that simple.

Dimensional Shifts from Parallel Realities

The Parallel Realities I have expressed here are of one parallel reality of the realities of Vegetables with Parallel Realities of different Vegetables all within that one reality. Why, because we LOVE Gardening duh! Just like Now or Now or Now. Meaning this is just a reflection of my reality with you/The Reader in it. Or Your reality, The Reader with Me. The reality is the same it’s just the experiences that are different. Some call it a point of view. If we were to shift Dimensionally we would shift from the Vegetables Dimension to that of a Fruit or Herbs lets say. That would be a Dimensional Shift. The reality of the Vegetables would still exist for the Vegetables. But if you had shifted to the reality of an Herb. Then your Reality would be in the Dimension of an Herb with more Herbs in it. Not sure we are all that ready for this shift, but that is by all means a personal choice. So don’t let My Parallel Reality or Dimension of the Plum affect your Parallel Realities or Dimension of the Vegetables. Because in reality we are in different Dimensions. Time for a salad. Do you want a Vegetable Salad or a Fruit Salad? We can both sprinkle Herbs on top. Plus we can have one of each in Parallel Realities.

Here’s the point. If you wish to change the reality you are now experiencing to reflect an experience you wish to experience. Examine your belief system and find out what belief is stopping you from having that experience you wish. Once you change that belief, that, at the moment is preventing you from experiencing the experience you wish to. (Sometimes it’s as simple as just seeing it). The very next moment or shift from Parallel Realities to Parallel Realities will reflect that change in your belief. If it happens to be a small change in belief it may take a number of shifts in the Parallel Realities before you can see a change at all. Or depending on the belief, could be a quantum leap into a Parallel Realities. This is why it’s tricky, one never knows which belief is holding us back from the source of all. Holding on to the fear of change only reflects fear. If that’s the Reality The Reader wishes to experience than by all means go right ahead and experience as much fear as you wish to experience. It’s all yours.

A Doowans Parallel Realities check

Parallel Realities of the HEART
Parallel Realities of the HEART

Here’s the story I was wishing to share.

Last year we Doowans had a belief that we could help Mother Earth and We the People change the reality that was reflected at that time. So we created To reflect a reality of abundance through Gardening and Self Sustainability. Each day we would awaken and go to our website to see how many orders we had to fulfill. To be quite honest it was disheartening to see that our belief hadn’t changed much at all. Our reality wasn’t reflecting our belief or so we thought at the time. We had noticed that people were not responding or even realizing that through Gardening they could eliminate a lot of the stress in life from having to eat something. Be it GMOZ or whatever. It was rather apparent to us Doowans that growing our own food was the way to eliminate all the stresses and fears of eating the poisons that GMOZ represented. Gardening was our answer. As our parallel reality shifted to parallel reality, I became even more disheartened. Wouldn’t you know it, reality reflected my disheartened belief. As I kept thinking when are these people going to wake up and find the answer?

I AM truly Sorry! I have now come to realize that it was never up to you the people to wake up. I just simply had to believe, that the people would or even more recently December 21, 2012, We are awake. We are all awake. Presto, I have shifted to a parallel reality were We the People are awake and are wanting to experience less stress and the joy of Gardening. Wow! this parallel reality stuff really works! As I look back on the last year and observe the changes from the moment we had expressed our belief to the source. I can see the changes from parallel realities to parallel realities I have made. I am Awestruck.  This Doowan has come along way in such a short time so to speak. In reality there is only the moment and the moment is NOW or NOW or NOW. We have all shifted to parallel realities were our beliefs are now reflecting whatever we chose to believe. That’s the magic of December 21, 2012. What I now realize is that my belief system needed more work to reflect the abundance my Higher Self could see and had a connection to. But I was lacking in the moment. Looking back I see where my belief that the people had to wake up and enjoy Gardening was not the belief that would bring the abundance that the Earth and ourselves needed. I had to get out of my own way and allow my Higher Self to connect with my physical brain and then my consciousness, thus allowing the Totality of myself to connect with the source. This is the key to bring abundance into reality. As stated above the Great I AM stories tells of this transformation I AM experiencing. Our consciousness is actually a combinations of points. The Great I AM which I call the Higher Self. Our Totality which is made up of. The Higher Self which conceives everything that comes from the Source, the Way, the Kingdom of GOD, or Heaven, if you wish. The physical brain which receives the down load from our Higher Self. Because in reality our brains have never had an original thought of its own. These original thoughts or Ideas always come from the source via our Higher Self. Our I AM Reason which perceives the Reality which we create. Always looks at the past. Then reasons why, what, were, and when.  The I AM HEART is our energy source. If it’s in tune with the source, through unconditional LOVE vibration brings the energy of all the source, or abundance into our lives through the I AM WILL. That has the power to create the Parallel Realities we wish to experience though intent.

The New Parallel Realities Reflection

What I see now is a Parallel Reality where those of us that what abundance can and will receive abundance. That’s Reality. I believe that coming into alignment with the source through unconditional LOVE. Will bring everything our I AM HEART can Energize through the I AM Will of intent. Meaning whatever yours/mine Great I AM can Imagine with the personal power of Imagination will manifest in the next Parallel Realities that are created in the moment. Those that have eyes to see let them see. Those that have ears to hear let them hear.

I Thank You for this opportunity to share with The Reader this experience. Even in the sharing of this experience I have grown in experience. My hope is that you/The Reader has grown also. May your life be full of the Experiences you wish to have reflected back upon you. I AM!

Knowledge is Power

Take your Power Back


Parallel Realities in a Nut Shell
Parallel Realities in a Nut Shell

I truly hope this takes the mystery out of the Big Event and places the mystery back into the Wonder of you.  Now you can go out and connect with the source of all and Imagine New Parallel Realities and Dimensional Shifts that reflect the abundance you wish to experience. I just wish that those damn mystics would have told us this from the start. Instead of making it so mystical. Reality is an illusion, what does that mean anyway?

Enjoy! The Wonder of your Great I AM and the New Parallel Realities and Dimensional Shifts your Imagination can create!

12 thoughts on “Parallel Realities and Dimensional Shifts

  1. Woah! I’m really enjoying the template/theme of this blog. It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s very difficult to get that “perfect balance” between superb usability and visual appeal. I must say that you’ve done a superb job with this. In addition, the blog loads extremely fast for me on Internet explorer. Exceptional Blog!

    1. Hi Pascal Thanks for the great Question.

      From my experience we cannot change our past actions.. What we can change is how those actions/experiences effect our NOW… Thus in essence we change the past experience. Example: Some negative experience perceived can be SEEN as positive. I can use a personal life experience. My divorce. Which at the time I felt was a negative experience, however now, SEEing it as a positive Experience, I changed that something negative time to a positive NOW. Therefore changing the past effect, to a new effect of positive NOW experience. This is how the parallel Realities work.

  2. Hello.
    I am someone who is aware of the connections between mind and what is wrongly called “outside reality” since a long time, and i have been living acting and changing myself along this understanding for something like 7 years now. The most powerful way to change i integrated was that “what you resist persists”.
    However, my understanding did not consider that i was creating the whole reality i live in and the idea seemed strange and wrong to me until a few months ago. Until then, i believed i attracted only personnal events.
    By stating that you change your whole reality, it implies that everything in this world (politics, war, poverty and wealth, social troubles, racism… etc) is somehow related to you and your energy. And that if you shift your vibration, it will end up somehow affecting all these troubles in a bad and positive way?
    This is where i stand right now. You talk about your experience selling vegetables, however do you realise what you are saying actually implies that the whole world you live in is your unique version of the world and that by shifting sufficiently you can experience a world where the darkest issues of mankind are no longer there?

    What do you think about this?

    1. Thank You Yann, for your insightful and thought provoking comment. I will share the answers to your questions. Your question,“And that if you shift your vibration, it will end up somehow affecting all these troubles in a bad and positive way”?

      Yes, that is my experience. We are multidimensional consciousness. When we change our vibration to a higher frequency of LOVE. Since all those negative energies can only exist within their own negative reflected reality. They can not exist in a positive reflection or vibration. Thus the the negative energies no longer reflect. This is not to say they don’t exist. They exist in their reality. Which we have just stepped out of into a positive reflected Reality.

      SEE? We moved from one reality/dimension to one of our choosing. That’s what multidimensional beings do. Hence, as our multidimensional consciousness chooses to EXTEND to a higher frequency of reality, our Unconditional love bonds with this higher expression of Creation. In this moment, one creates an energetic pathway into fifth-dimensional New Earth and beyond. Free of many third dimensional illusions and limitations one begins to resonate to the power of multidimensional BEing, SEEing, FEELing, the wisdom of these higher dimensions brings the ability to live within the constant feedback of Unconditional LOVE.

      You stated, and I quote,“This is where i stand right now. You talk about your experience selling vegetables, however do you realize what you are saying actually implies that the whole world you live in is your unique version of the world and that by shifting sufficiently you can experience a world where the darkest issues of mankind are no longer there”?

      Yep, that’s exactly what I AM implying. It appears to me that you assume and presume that this is the only world/dimension that exists. However, It is not my unique version of this world. It’s a new and different world all together. Again being a multidimensional being one can choose which world or dimension one wishes to experience. If for example, one holds any fear-based thoughts or emotions, you create a thought wave that can only manifest in a reality in which there is a fear based vibration. Since there is no fear in the fifth dimension and beyond, our consciousness is instantly pulled into a lower frequency of the third and fourth dimensions where that thought form can be, and is, manifest. Therefore, when our thought form is created within a LOVE-based thought/vibration, and one feels that thought with Unconditional love it is manifest in a reality that resonates to a higher frequency of Unconditional love. Hence, our consciousness is instantly pulled into the higher resonance of reality in which that thought form manifested. We create/reflect a completely new world leaving the old world behind.

      The key to this is, the realization that Unconditional LOVE is not a feeling. It’s a state of being. To achieve this state one must know what LOVE is. I SEE LOVE in this way. The LAW of CREATION in the TRUTH of CONSCIOUSNESS.

      We have this moment to SEE beyond ourselves and envision Creation at it’s finest. In Truth we are Creation. What another chooses to SEE is a matter of free will. I Will not trespass on an other’s free will. That’s Unconditional LOVE. If one choose to live in the darkness of this reality, so be it. For ME, I choose to live in a world where Unconditional LOVE is the vibration. Thus that’s the vision I SEE. That’s CREATION. Remember, I AM THAT I AM.

      Again Thank You for sharing!

  3. Terrific post however I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this topic?

    I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit further. Appreciate it!

    1. Thanks, Yes I could expand, But I AM not sure what our asking. If you have a Question, Why don’t you just ask it? Seems strange that you want to understand more on this topic But won’t ask a question or leave a relative comment. Oh Well!

  4. Hi there! Do you use Twitter? I�d like to follow you if that would be ok. I�m undoubtedly enjoying your blog and look forward to new posts.

    1. No Sorry! We don’t use Twitter. It’s all we can do to keep up with what we have going on. Plus, I think our posts are to long for Twitter. However, You can always like a post and that will bring up the option to receive new posts in your email. We are very happy that you are enjoying our blog.

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