13 Chakras in Consciousness
Consciousness MATTERS, 13 Chakras to TOTALITY, where it MATTERS

There are 13 Chakras in our Human Consciousness, I have Explored thus far. This is an opportunity to expand ONES Consciousness. BE-Cause YOU Aint seen nothing yet.

We have heard about 7 Chakras and it’s almost true… If one Speaks only part truth are they telling lies? Whatever…, are you expecting Lucifer to tell you THE Truth?

Who is asking THE Question?

7 Chakras, Oooops, there’s one missing, The Zero Point Chakra. Can you SEE the Light?

Really there’s, 8 Chakras contained within your AurA presently. Here’s one you may not know about until NOW. It resides in THE BALLS of your feet called Zero Point Chakra.

SEE Girls,,,…!!!!!!, SURPRIZE !!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE BALLS !

Choices the Seed of Man
Growing the SEEDS of TRUTH in Consciousness.

The Zero Point Chakra is the grounding Chakra that Restores ONE to Mother Earth. Only in walking BEAR foot will ONE Experience the ZERO Point Ground Chakra connecting the circuit to Mother Earth. This Opens ONE up to NEW Experiences.

ONE feels the First 8 Chakras as they awaken self, becoming Aware Completes the Current. Thus Awareness Expands ONES AurA Electric Circuit to the Other 5 Spiritual Chakras. 13 in ALL.

Electric Universe
Charge up the other Chakras with Creation.

THE Bridge. To the OTHER side. OK, I may have assumed and presumed you’re ready to BE YOU. Or that you already KNEW/NEW | YOU.


OOOOPs, Sorry YOU!


THE OTHER FIVE CHAKRAS. Is the Present behind this last post. The Bubble of Perception we Experience is Creation. As we open ourselves up, Creation flows in lighting the other Chakras. Expanding our perceptive Horizons|Consciousness, all life that exists becomes our New Experiences. Organic and Inorganic. Even ROCKS have Consciousness. You SEE… Fear simply Blinds, US to all the life that exists in this given moment.

If by chance you know nothing about the 7 Chakras. HUMM! How have you survive thus far? Oh, That’s right, buy THE Grace of GOD. Just take your shoes off, OPEN A BEER, kick back in your Lazyboy Lounger and enjoy THE RODEO.

EAT ME!………………………………….NOT!

Tickets Please!

Awaken yourself to Mother Earth ZERO Point once Again. There’s a New World! Sorry, your E Ticket is missing. (Old Disneyland ERA), (How I date myself).

When The Third Eye opens we SEE with Crystal Clear Clarity…Are we SEEing only an Illusion? Remember, Clarity is to Witness the MIRACLE | Mirror of U.

Those with E Tickets need NOT get on this Ride. OPEN your WINGS. One will not experience new life without the Spirit of Consciousness | Experience. This is the THE FIRE from Within, where the Phoenix rises from the AsHes Forever. Leaving behind the Carbon 666. If you have no clue what E represents. Read, A Viscous Circle.

THE PHOENIX RISES . The expansiveness of Spirit consciousness.
THE PHOENIX RISES . The Expansiveness of Spirit Consciousness.

Those with E Tickets, it’s time to take your AIRE and fly this nest.

On the Wings of Consciousness, Flying on THE Winds of Creation.

Spirit and Playing with Reality
THE NEW YOU, Flying on the Wings of Consciousness. With Creation under your Wings

Welcome HOME! Come in. Join THE CELEBRATION. DRINKS are on ME. In REMEMBRANCE of those we left behind.

The Singularity is where we become One with Mother Earth. It’s the grounding Chakra. Through this Chakra we discharge all that Dark Matter THAT was, the heavy past we no longer wish to Experience. No harm, no foul. No name, no Game. 2 BE or Not 2 BE, Remember?

Spiritual stairway to heaven
Losing Human Form. The path less traveled.

Anyway, It’s these Other 5 Chakras is where ONE may Experience new Realities, Let ME Introduction you to your Expanding Consciousness. YOU! It’s the Quad HEART of Spirit. In my Experience, there are 13 Chakras. To the Totality of Creation. Are you not Creation? When WE light up these Other 5 Chakras, One at a time, as our AurA becomes Enormous, really fast. Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness. We transverse Infinity. Relax you have received your 8th Crown Chakra. Wear it in Humbleness. Enjoy! The Totality of YOU. You have Experienced the Sow below. NOW, we | ME open ourselves up to the AS Above.


Nibiru With THE Wings of Consciousness. There are those that don’t know truth.

The 9th Chakra sits above the Crown Chakra. This Chakra is as Above. It sits just above the Earth and through this Chakra One is able to Experience All life forms that inhabit this Earth | Heart. Sharing Consciousness as you please. All life shares Consciousness. Experience, if you please, Experiencing all Beings on this Earth. Sharing their Consciousness. While They share yours. Consciousness expands really Quick. In Truth, you see,… you are all these beings and they are you.

Hint: Animal Medicine is this Experience! Did you take your Medicine?

Albino Hummingbird
Hummingbird on the fly

Good… it won’t be such a shock to Experience the Eagle NOW?… When the 9th Chakra begins to light up we get an Enlightened Clarity Perspective of the light all around us. Yes, even the Shadows. Shadows have Power to share, If you Please. Creation is Dark & Light.

Eagle toughing the Great Spirit
Flying with THE Great Eagle

THAT’S OK. HEY, it’s Consciousness. Being One or the Other separates us from ONE Another.

It’s Creations, Creations/life to BE Experienced. Get over yourself. There is sow much more to Creation you can Explore. You haven’t come thus far to turn back NOW have you?

OOOPs, you can’t NOW can you? THAT Bridge has been Burnt. Otherwise, THE Phoenix you are wouldn’t BE HERE NOW. Plus, what is there to go back to Anyway? A 666 Luciferian Carbon Atom/ADAM & EVE. Or Diamond/Demon in the rough. THERE is nothing left, but a Burned out cinder/sinner of a life that use to be.

THE PHOENIX RISES . The expansiveness of Spirit consciousness.
THE PHOENIX RISES . The Expansiveness of Spirit Consciousness.

Go if you must. Whatever…!!!!!?

The 10th Chakra sits even farther above the 9th Chakra. As far out as the OORT Cloud. Man, your AurA/Consciousness has really expanded, NOW… How AwEsome is THAT?

WTF? Your still Here?

You are here.
OORT Cloud  YEP, You are here.

The 10th Chakra contains our Solar System and all Life forms within. It’s a good OMEN we have ETERNITY, because we need it. Just Experience! All life forms that Inhabit this Space inside you. Stop along the way and smell THE ROSES. There are some AmAzing worlds to Discover. Not to mention the Beings that inhabit those worlds. And you haven’t even left the comfort of your Lazyboy Rocker.

Starting to SEE … THE Immensity of who, and what you truly are? And you thought/believe you are a three Dimensional MEATSTICK. Even worst, some two Dimensional flat piece of Bond Paper, Legal Name Birth Certificate…… BULLSHIT. THAT Ship has sunk. B.C. Before Christ is time past.

What's in a Name? Your belief.
What’s in a Name? It’s a piece of paper with some fancy writing and a Seal. OORT, OORT.

Laugh Out Loud !!!!!!!!! Surprize !!!!! Who LOVES YOU BABY? Mirror | Mirror.

Time for Some Music at this Celebration. But First! I have to PEE.

WEBSTER you Dick-tion-ary, Black Magician. Spinning Webs in word spell Definitions trapping the Spirit Breath of the Innocents. For some Luciferian Master you serve. You Arachnoid, How’s THAT working for you?

Peeing in the Ocean
The Fountain of Youth. YEP, that’s a recent picture of ME


Sing Along NOW……..

The Itsy Bitsy Spider went up the water spout… down comes the Rain/Water/Truth and washes that Spider out… Out comes the sun/son and dried up all the Rain… and that Itsy Bitsy Spider climbs up the water spout Again.

Hey, I sing them as I HEAR them.

Spider Eyes
Spider Medicine Some of the Oldest Animal Medicine

On THE Wings of Consciousness Again!

The 11th Chakra is even higher still. NOW, you have a sense of direction and where we are Flying, How your Consciousness is expanding. Look you have WINGS. The 11th Chakra sits above our Galaxy. It’s called the Milky Way Galaxy for A Reason. It’s the land of Milk and Honey. Never mind!

Hey, I can SEE the Andromeda Galaxy from here….THAT”S close, and coming closer. OH MY, Looks like a Booty call. Is that A and M coming together. SEX is just Masterbation with a Friend. Hopefully, they are a Good Friend. And we use to call that LOVE. AM I making a pun? You bet ya!

Sex in Space. Look what you've been missing
Sex in Space. Look what you’ve been missing. Your Cosmic Orgasum,

What Name shall we give our new Galaxy soon 2 Be Born? Any Suggestions?

XX or XY. I know! How about I AM. You OXYmoron. Hey, THAT is just a figure of speech in which contradictory terms appear in conjunction. And conjunction they will. True Story!

At this point, I will Open myself up to STAR WATER, FLOW, and Spirits ELECTRIC, SPARK, FIRE. THE Two become ONE and make STEAM. THE Fun One. If your not haxing Fun on your journey, why bother?

A Drop of Truth in a Sea of Lies
A Drop of Truth in a Sea of Star Water

At this point we are well on our way.

The 12th Chakra, A Quantum Leap. The 12th Chakra sits above this Universe. This is where we BE-come our Universal self. All in ONE & ONE in All. THE ONE. Again all life can BE Experienced. Relax, You can travel anywhere you want in an instant. You are still inside your self.

Expanding you
Somewhere in there. There is you. Are you getting the picture?

THAT”S Consciousness. You are an Infinite BEING. Your GOD self sow to speak. It’s the Expanding Universe you R. Full of Life. Are you having fun?

And TRUTH IS you haven’t even gone outside of yourself yet. Still sitting down some where? THAT is about to change. Are you ready for your present? I made it myself.

You are the Totality of Yourself. A Universe within self. At this point we change our perception, to FACE perception outward to see outside of self, thus truly begin to SEE.

Bubbles of Perception,Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness to other worlds Playing with Reality
Each Bubble is a Universe all it’s own. Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness will take no time to visit ALL.

The 13th Chakra connects ONE with Creation. It’s the Assemblage Point outside of self, yet part of self. What a paradox!

Remember, it’s on the outer edge of our Luminous Cocoon, our Energy Body. Which at this moment perception is beyond the confines of self. One can either be-lie-ve the Assemblage Point Exists, or Know it Exists.

Therefore Experience, ONES Duelity in THE Duality of Creation. SEE?

The Meaning of "You" is the Reflection of you

THAT’s the Mastery of  Awareness of Consciousness… OHO, the QUAD Nature of duelity in Duality….THE FOUR LEAF CLOVER….The Mirror | Mirror of Mind Reason and Spirit Heart.

The secret kept from U, for far to long is THAT your Assemblage Point Exists.

NOW, Truth is, it’s no longer a Secret. Cats out of the bag, sow to speak. When ONE KNOWS. Just BEING aware that it Exists makes THE difference in ONES Consciousness..


Dragonfly Reflections
Isn’t THE Universe just a reflection? Reflect something new!

With OUR Assemblage Point we Assemble our Consciousness with the power of our perception. Here NOW we Assemble a Universe of Multiverse and Vice Versa just for the FUN of it. But wait, there’s an add bonus, if you buy in today! LOL

Plus, all the Multiverses of Universes here after. NOW we are soaring on THE WINGS of Consciousness outside of OURSELVES. SEE the wonder of Creation | YOU.

Fractal Within A Fractal continues infinitly
Fractal Within A Fractal continues Infinitely

Let’s go Fractal for a moment. ABRACADABRA…

Just like the 13 signs of the Zodiac within. We are Energy BEings with 13 Chakras. 12 Strands of DNA, 3 Attentions, 4 Natural Enemies, 3 Eyes, 7 Senses. 2 halves of a mind, we make whole, and 1 Heart with four chambers, plus an Assemblage Point. What the hell have you Explored? Wal-Mart

YEP, and they call that junk DNA. They can Kiss my Ass. Here’s Thirty Pieces of Silver for the double cross trouble. BE what you want to BE, or BE what you ARE.

I mean Really!…. Come on!!!………Is there a Choice?………. Free WILL?

I have Envisioned Truth and join Creation in the Celebration of life. With help from my friends… Without friends what kind of Celebration would this BE anyway? OHO, is it time for another song? It’s a New Age don’t you know…?

I get by with a little help from my Friends… Yea…. I get by with a little help from my Friends…  You Can BE……… EVERYbody!…….. You Want somebody to LOVE?

We are Bubbles of Perception
We are Bubbles of Perception of the Universe we are!

HEY you! Let ME introduce YOU to U, A good friend of mine. A STAR IS BORN.

Hey U, spark that one up. How’s THAT for A Introduction. THE TOTALITY of U in YOU. Creation in a Nutshell, ME & BEYOND.

Give yourself a big Sqweeze OHIO. We made UNI. Let’s Party Hearty! STRIKE up the BAND, it’s time to DANCE are asses off.

Shake, Shake, Shake………. Shake, Shake, Shake, ………. Shake your Booty……. SHAKE YOUR BOOTY……………………..

Hey, who’s going to clean up this mess?  Yep!

The Devil
Oh, come on. Do I have to wear this costume? While I clean up?



In TRUTH, there is nothing more I can share. IT’s all about you. I have all ready shared MY LIFE”S OPEN BOOK. It has cost you nothing to read it. However, it has cost me everything to write it. I have lost family, wives and friends. Not to mention what has been stolen from ME. Experience is Wisdom. In MY Wis-dom, I realize how Wis+dumb I AM.


Would I trade it for this world? HELL NO, Creation Awaits. It SEEMS all I lost, I never owned anyway! SOW, I have lost nothing and NOW Experience the abundance of Creation.

Would I recommend that you follow ME? Well, that depends on you! Are you still wearing Depends?

Do you enjoy battling FEAR, Having HOPE, and Living in DOUBT of what you truly are? I can not and will not tell you want you need do. Nor, will I change your diapers. That’s your shit.

In TRUTH, I have only Shared my Life Experiences|Consciousness. Knowledge is Power. That Power is PERSONAL power. What one does with personal power, well THAT”S, personal. Instead of pissing that power away on worldly pursuits. I used it to SEE, FEEL, and DREAM, who I AM in the Mirror X Mirror of Creation.

SEEing the Invisable
SEEing the Invisable


Here take this TRUTH IN LOVE. It’s part of your present. The Capital (L) represents THE’S LAW. It’s the lower case laws that are luciferian. Watch out for those. When ONE knows THE’S LAW all the other laws are superfluous. (O) is Creation, the Cosmic EGG, Sow to speak. It contains Everything. (V) is the womb of Creation that the I has intercourse with, thus Creating the Q in Quantum. THE (E) of course is Consciousness. It could BE yours. It is Mine after All. E is the Experience of LOVE. THAT’S THE TRUTH I LOVE.

Sharing unconditional LOVE with OTHERS takes on a Tremendously New Awareness… NOW, BOW to Creation. Thus creating NEW worlds inside of self/ME|YOU. Where I can only stand in TRUTH, Be-CAuse THE TRUTH has set ME free.

Neils PictureIn TRUTH, I no longer have compassion for the DEAD horse. I tried kicking it. Calling it names. Pleading with it, Even Pecking at it. It won’t wake up. It’s dead. It just lies there. SOW, it’s time to FLY away. Do I want to continue living in a world of the dead? NO FUCKING WAY.

NOW, I walk into a NEW World of THE LIVING. YOU SEE, this world of the dead is only a description. One I laugh at, and then throw it away. Therefore, I perceive a NEW WORLD, knowing that it is just a description as well. However, this NEW WORLD has abundant LIFE within.

The Red Dragon Awaits
The Red Dragon Awaits

In TRUTH, time is short, a change is here. >CHANGE NOW< Whether you believe this or not. I could care less. TRUTH doesn’t need your belief. Because whether this world changes or not. THE real change came within ME. SOW, whether you change or not, is not my concern. I wish you well. AM I thy brothers keeper? I WAS, but I have changed and NOW KNOW. It is for YOU, to discover who YOU are. SIMPLY, because your not ME.

In TRUTH, I wish all could SEE what I SEE. However, that’s just an Illusion. MY HEART tells ME sow. Awareness is a MASTERY. To BE fully Aware is Consciousness. What a wondrous journey I AM. And yet, I only scratch the surface. SOW, Further and Deeper I go, where only THE TRUE LIGHT of SPIRIT shines from within THE LOVE of ME, can BE seen.

DSC01122In TRUTH, Enjoy, My BOOK of LIFE, all the links are on this page.. I have left Bread Crumbs so that others may eat the Knowledge, I have shared along the way. Watch OUT!!! You may find a few piles of shit along the WAY as well. Watch your step! As this is not an easy path to follow.

The funny thing is, all paths lead to the same place. I Question you. Are you even on a path to discover the TOTALITY of YOU | SELF. IF not, YOU’RE lost. Maybe you’ll get a second chance. One can always HOPE one will change. Well, your not DEAD yet,… or are you?

In TRUTH stand. There is HOPE for You yet. In losing all HOPE, One either is or isn’t. Good Luck with THAT. Living in a world of make believe just doesn’t work. It’s a DEAD END. THE ONLY true WORLD is inside of YOU | ME. Get a FUCKING CLUE, The Kingdom of Heaven is within. And here I STAND in AWE and wonder.

One DAY One morning, I saw!
One DAY One morning, I saw!

How come nobody ever told me about this? Hello $$$!, BE HERE NOW!

In TRUTH, it’s your life. Isn’t it time you started living your life and stop the IDOL Worship/Warship of your Pagen Masters? Two dimensional TREE falling, false light MOON worshipping Horrs of Baby-lon. Grow up !!!

Get out of Babylon while you still can. Otherwise suffer their fate. No Judgement from ME. It’s just an observation. CREATION has this covered. I wash my hands. I kneel before Creation humbled. Just look up! THE SIGNS are everywhere. This Luciferian System is done forever. They have sold you a bill of goods where all the boxes on the docks are empty. One EYED Pirates! And you Thought, Believed you were buying your Salvation. Hanging your sins on something else outside of you. Where’s the IMPECCABLE  in THAT? The Blind have led the Blind right to edge of the Abyss. Quick,,, Open your eyes before you fall off never to return. Or just jump with the rest of them. I no longer have com-pass-ion as it was used against ME. You made your choice, and I made mine. We’ll SEE.

DSC01116In TRUTH, there is nothing more I can do for you. It’s taken all I have to SEE this far. And I still have Infinity ahead of ME. SOW, you are on your own. Really, all we ever have is our self anyway. And just SEE how WONDEROUS you truly are! I can live with “THAT”. Can you live with your Creation? Alas, again, that is not my Concern. I no longer wish to cast my pearls amongst swine any longer. Those pearls are gone in the mud of the PIG pen that smells of piss and shit. YOU keep them. Their all yours. I know, I will go DIVING in the Sea of Consciousness and find some New Pearls to DISPLAY/WEAR around my HEART.

Crying Eyes
Don’t CRY for ME

In TRUTH, I have nothing more to share/say, I have said enough ALREADY. Maybe we will meet again, maybe we won’t. WE’LL SEE.



Knowledge is Power
Experience is Wisdom
Take your Power Back to
Fly on the Wings of Consciousness

Winky, My alter Ego
Awesome it’s time to go. It’s been real, it’s been fun. But it hasn’t been real fun. Let the Celebration begin!